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At Keeping House and Home, LLC we will ask you lots of questions to ascertain what the scope of your project might be and to help understand about your own personal likes and dislikes. Your project will be tailored to you, and not what would look good in a magazine or what the most current trends dictate. Your personal style and taste are the driving force behind the outcome. If you struggle with how to make that come through then we can help you discover that too! Certainly we all want to maintain a style that is current today and not look too old-fashioned but with the right amount of historical knowledge and know-how of what is up to date then it is possible to create a customized look all your own, whether for a room in your home, your kitchen or bath, your own personal wardrobe selection, or an event you are hosting.

With years of experience in the major motion picture industry working in decorating and costumes, that information and know-how has brought a strong foundation of understanding to what I offer you. The unique background coupled with my innate sense of discovering what you want brings to the table a rounded outlook on how I design for each and every individual client.

I have connections with several tradesmen, craftsmen, and suppliers who help me with producing my designs and call on them according to what is needed. If you need a referral to a contractor I have several I can work with easily.

If all you need is someone to help you shop and find the right materials or products for a particular project or event please call on me. I can help save you time and money by knowing what not to look for and where to find what you do need.


To bring to each client a higher level of quality for their lifestyle through developing their environment or their wardrobe to reflect their own personal style and look their best without compromising what their own unique individuality. I endeavor to help my clients discover what they have and what they need to look like themselves—only better!

Keeping House and Home strives to provide all of our design clients with a customized and creative design plan for their task at hand.  Each and every project is unique in what the goals are and the quality that goes into our designs reflects just that.  We want to provide our customers with a tailor-made environment or wardrobe or event to reflect the lifestyle in which they live.  In doing so, we can provide a concierge approach to designing for their personal style.