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Karen Young, Certified Kitchen Designer

With years of experience in the major motion picture industry working in decorating and costumes, that information and know-how has brought a strong foundation of understanding to what I offer you.  The unique background coupled with my innate sense of discovering what you want brings to the table a rounded outlook on how I design for each and every individual client.

I have connections with several tradesmen, craftsmen, and suppliers who help me with producing my designs and call on them according to what is needed.  If you need a referral to a contractor I have several I can work with easily.

If all you need is someone to help you shop and find the right materials or products for a particular project or event please call on me.  I can help save you time and money by knowing what not to look for and where to find what you do need.


    Design Services

Keeping House and Home design services are considered “concierge.”  We can help you in almost any aspect of design to help put some style and life into your lifestyle, whether it is in your clothing, your environment, your event, or your menus.  Please call for more information and to schedule a consultation.

Home Improvement
Do you want to up-date any rooms in your house by using some of what you have and filling in with what might be added?  I can help re-arrange the room and figure out what works best for you.   I also can do a color palette for your house, interior or exterior.  I specialize in historical homes, keeping in mind the architectural features and characteristics of your home as well as the era but also incorporate it into your own existing furnishings.

If you want to re-vamp your closet content, I can provide a consultation to help discern what will work and what is missing.  Is your wardrobe looking tired and a bit out of date? Has your figure changed or are you older and your clothes look like they belong to someone 10 years younger?  Let me help you discern what colors and shapes look good on you and what you have that doesn’t put your best foot forward.  I can help you understand how to look your best and help develop some sense of style—for women or men alike.

Event Planning
Are you planning an event and want to make sure it is well thought out but not sure where to start?  I can help you decide on menus, entertainment, or wine selections.  Leave your doubts and questions to me to answer.  I would love to help you with it.