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Karen Young

If you find yourself relocating, Karen Young can help take the stress and difficulty out of packing and unpacking for you.  She can coordinate with the movers how to pack all of your belongings, oversee the moving truck, and help keep it all in order.  Then upon your arrival to your new home, she can organize the moving in, work with the housekeepers on getting it all in place, and oversee the picture hanging so that in three or four days your house will be completely unpacked, set up, and put away.  How nice would that be? 


    Careful Planning

You can be assured that careful arrangement and storage planning will go into your moving in process so to ease your mind and keep you focused on more important matters at hand.  She can also help recommend ways to become more associated with your new surroundings by gathering information for you on what is available in your area—parks, socializing, arts and culture, and if you have children activities for them to also get adjusted to their new area.  She herself was recently a transplant from Atlanta to the Columbus area and knows the steps well.