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  1. Look at what you’ve got and make a list of what you think could be wrong.

  2. Are the colors reflecting a positive feeling?  This is important to consider.

  3. What is old and you are holding onto just because you have it?  Can you use it somewhere else. or is it time to get rid of it?  Keep things around you that are a positive reflection of your image.

  4. Do you have fat pants and skinny pants?  Why?  (The answer to this needs to be reviewed and acceptance needs to happen at some point—same goes for old furniture).

  5. Can you accept what you have to work with and make the most of it?  Whether it is your weight, your hair, or your furnishings, you need to look in the mirror and work with what you have and understand it as you or change what you need to, but that takes a commitment.

  6. Commit to change when you need it to fulfill a positive image.

  7. What are the holes in your attire/room/décor? Figure out what is missing and keep your eye out for something special to fill that gap, not the first thing you see.  These gaps give you an opportunity to add flair to your look or décor.

  8. Figure out what is current—study magazines, look on-line, go to some boutique shops and check it out—then find ways to add some of it to your image.

  9. Understand what doesn’t work for you and stop trying to make that square peg go in the round hole.

  10. Don’t be afraid to develop a sense of style and don’t be intimidated by it.  This should be fun like a hobby and enhance your life, not make it more stressful.


    The Key

The key is to put your best foot forward whether it is in your home or what you wear.  Psychologically we will feel better by doing this, we’ll get positive feedback from those around us, and we will be more at ease with ourselves.  You will influence others to follow your lead….