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Karen Young

With the vast amount of knowledge Karen Young has to offer, she has developed a series of articles on tips to add style into your lifestyle.  She has prepared them to be produced as a broadcast production, and has a program for speaking engagements on a variety of topics relating to style. 

This is not necessarily the latest fashion information but more about how to incorporate current style into your daily life, remove the rut you can fall into when getting busy and don’t have time to assess your closet yourself, and use what you have to your best advantage.  This is very difficult for many people. She wants to take the challenge out of it by giving you information to the tools you can use to keep yourself in check and apply the simple rules of style to your own home or attire.


    Commercial Film Industry Stylist

With almost 25 years of experience in the film and television industry,  and theater experience as well, Karen Young has a solid background in finding what you want for your particular project.  Her goal is to be on the same page as your client in getting the look you want to convey, whether it is with table top propping, full set design, or with wardrobe for the actors and models.  Understanding colors and themes for the process is a specialty of hers.  She also is adept at doing lifestyle make-up so as to keep your budget in check and the staffing at a minimum for your job at hand.  She can design and alter costumes as well.