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Karen Young

Do you struggle with your figure? Are you not sure what colors look best on you? Have you been wearing the same styles for over ten years because you are not sure what else to do? Let me help cull through what you have and learn what will make you look your best. If you look good you will feel good. Personal style and wardrobe go hand in hand. What jacket shape looks best on your figure? What looks best for going out in the evening versus what you would wear to work? I can teach you what to look for, quality, style, color, and how to wear it so you are put together well—shoes, accessories, and all.

Karen will go through your closet, we can decide what your goals are and situations you have to dress your best. Then once we have established a budget we can decide what needs to be added and replaced in your closet. Men and women alike need to update their wardrobe from time to time. I would be glad to assist you in this. If all you need is some basic direction, I can work as a consultant, or if you want to go to a higher level and shop together or I can shop for you and present you with options for your approval.


    What to wear

If you have ever seen the television hit show What Not to Wear and wish you could find someone to help you with your own wardrobe, then Karen Young is exactly who you need to call.  She takes into consideration your figure, your coloring, how tall or short you are, and what situations you need to be dressed well in.  With all of this she can coordinate a wardrobe that fits your style, lifestyle, different scenarios in your life, and how to accessorize any of them. 

And this goes for men as well.  It is so difficult for men to shop if they don’t have someone helping them.  She can give any man the tools he needs to find his way through the forest of attire.

With years of experience working as a wardrobe stylist and a costumer on feature films she brings much knowledge to the table on how to fit and dress for any number of events anyone might have.  She keeps up with trends and can apply them to your particular needs without slaving to fashion that might not work for you.

And with everyone’s budgets being what they may, she is clever about how to get what you need without spending a fortune on it.